* Aroma Massage using Individually Blended Massage Oils

* Aromatic DS Magik & Massage© using Dead Sea Salts

* Aroma Therapies© & Consultations – Individual Blends made to order

* Hopi Ear Candling & Ceremony with Facial Massage

* Reiki Seichim/Sekhem

* Chakra Balancing - Crystal/Colour Energy Healing

* Stress Management

* Relaxation Therapies incl. Meditation & Visualisation

* Holistic Well-Being Gatherings at Home

* Ili Ili Hot Stone Massage with Lomi Lomi  Massage

* Chi Oxygen Exerciser

* FIR HotHouse Health Builder using Thermo Energy

* Body Brushings

* Aroma Facials with Massage

* Stress Less in the Workplace

* StressStop PreOp©



ïAroma Massage using Individually Blended Massage Oils: - A gentle but firm intuitive relaxing massage, using an Oil Blend made just for you.  No bruises.

ïAromatic DS Magik & Massage©:- A wonderful gentle exfoliating rub, using Dead Sea Salts & E/Os, followed by hot towels and an Aroma Massage©

ïAroma Therapies© & Consultations: -  Individual E/O Blends made to order  following a thorough consultation on your needs, including pure blends and body care products.

ïHopi Ear Candling / Ceremony with Facial Massage: - An ancient gentle & natural therapy using Ear Candles as a clearance therapy to harmonize and cleanse the aura and can be used for many problems associated with the ear and head area.  This is followed by a wonderful relaxing Aroma Facial Massage.

ïReiki Seichim/Sekhem: - Channeling the universal life force, sending healing energy to positively affect the energetic systems of those who may be out of balance due to dis-ease states to regulate cellular physiology and rebalance energy fields.   Reiki has no specific religion or belief and is what you believe in.   This modality is most effective in activating self-healing potential for treating all body pains and dis-ease.

ïChakra Balancing - Crystal/Colour Energy Healing: - Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.  These are balanced using crystals and coloured silks.

ïStress Management: -Teaching you many different and easy techniques or ways which can assist you in reducing the levels of stress in your body, for if you are unable to reduce these levels, by any means, the ’overflow’ can bring permanent damage to the mind and body.

ïRelaxation Therapies incl. Meditation & Visualization: - Relaxation is a PASSIVE Act.  You cannot try to relax.  Relaxation is a letting go, a switching off, which should involve no effort at all, therefore guided meditations and visualizations are perfect catalysts for relaxation, your stimuli for change.

ï Lomi Ili Ili or Hot Stone Massage: - Your journey begins with an amazing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage using exotic essential oil blends, incorporating the special hot stone massage, which brings you many times deeper into relaxation than conventional massage.  These volcanic stones have been smoothed over thousands of years by gently flowing currents of cleansing water.  This is an ancient powerful healing art that relaxes & unwinds the body, allowing you to be transported to another dimension.  This is a firm and rhythmic massage sequence where the stones release their healing energies deep into the muscles, dissolving tension and stress; a real sensory experience to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

ïBody Brushing: - A fine bristle brush is used to stimulate circulation and drainage, followed by an amazing Aroma Massage.

ïAroma Facials with Massage: - Individual blended oils to suit your skin type are used in this cleansing, nourishing and relaxing treatment.

ïChi Oxygen Exerciser: - Massage of the body in a figure eight motion, stimulating and building up Chi energy that is vital for your everyday health and fitness which promotes health and prosperity and helps alleviating illness, stress and tiredness using the Sun Acon Chi O2 Exerciser.

ïFIR HotHouse Health Builder using Thermo Energy: - Relax under a dome, where Far Infrared Ray energy (invisible light) is capable of penetrating deep into the body, gently elevating body temperature which promotes detoxification, relaxation, eases muscular aches, stiffness, strains, stimulates cellular activity, builds up internal Chi energy  and increases circulation.

ïStress Less in the Workplace© : - Teaching many different and easy techniques or ways which can assist your staff in reducing their levels of stress, enabling them to cope in difficult or stressful situations thus increasing morale and productivity in the workplace.  If these levels cannot be reduced by any means, the ’overflow’ can bring permanent damage to the mind and body.   

ïStressStop PreOp©: - Group workshops on what to expect pre  and post operatively and how to deal with this situation naturally (breathing techniques etc), allowing patients to gain a better understanding of what’s about to happen, helping patients to relax, decrease stress and anxiety, decrease post op pain and discomfort, ensuring a more pleasant experience with a better recovery phase.

ïHolistic Well-Being Gatherings at Home©: -A relaxing, fun filled, learning and self healing time held at your own home with a group of friends, choosing the topic of your choice (Aroma Therapy, Stress Management etc).  Get a chance to try, and play with natural products, oracle cards, crystals etc.